Release Notes

- Better smartobject generation and instance creation

- Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 support added
- Code-sync button added to iGUIToolbox->Settings which automatically syncs new element declarations and removals to the code file with a single click
- Batch-apply new variable names feature added
- Build rules improved
- New animations added (Come in – Get out)
- Alert window button styles fixed
- Gesture ids are now static
- Textfield iOS maxlength problem fixed
- Gradient memory problem fixed
- Alert window start scale problem
- strValue field made public in iGUINumberfield
- Fixed missing hover problem on buttons for Unity4 editor
- Overriden alert and tooltip styles at every play fixed
- Fixed passive rendering of selected tab button when last panel is passive
- TipStyle fix and Window color-rotation-opacity fix
- Added support for manual font size setting on Unity 4.1+ Mobile Devices
- Tab panel style change problems fixed
- Velocity fix migration for listbox
- Scrollview modified to first slowdown inertial velocity, then apply

added :
- Now you can right click on iGUI icon at the top of the toolbox to see the version.
- lockTexture() method to iGUIGradient.

- iGUIGradient crash.

1.4.2 (iGUI Basic 1.4.2)
added :
- LongPress event to iGUIButton
- Support for manual font size setting on Unity 4.1+ Mobile Devices
- strValue field made public in iGUINumberfield

fixed :
- Textfield iOS maxLength problem
- Missing hover problem on buttons for Unity4 by avoid skipping layout phase
- Alert and tooltip styles were overridden at every play
- Passive rendering of selected tab button when last panel is passive
- iGUIWindow color-rotation-opacity fix
- Tab panel style change problems
- Scrollable contariners’ velocity at low framerates
- Animation actions’ start state
- iGUIGradient will only refresh its texture at runtime for once and will make texture unreadable to avoid memory abuse.
- And some internal fixes

1.4.1b (iGUI Basic 1.4.1b)
added :
- Unity 4.1 compatibility
- .Net 2.0 compatibility with textfields on iOS devices
- Dynamic Font resizing on mobile devices for Unity 4.0.1 and up
- Introduced a new way to apply any GUIStyle to any elements (in iGUIToolbox->Settings)
- Added variable name search feature (in iGUIToolbox->Settings)
- Added 2 new sample custom elements. Grid Container and Tile
- Tab Key event to textfields

fixed :
- Missing event triggering on float sliders
- Scaling in dpiScaled scenes
- Auto-overriding window style alignment
- Some scrollview lock-ups
- Missing cursor on custom textfield
- Faulty tab and slide panels which added at runtime
- Button custom element, missing style parameter

1.4.0 (iGUI Basic 1.4.0)
added :
- Unity 4 compatibility
- Micro mscorlib compatibiliy
- Custom style assignment property (type ahaed) is added to Panel, Button and Window
- Option for ignoring smart object icon creation
- Ignore clicks property added to Image
- RemoveImage method added to Slideshow
- And some other features…

fixed :
- Numberfield focus problem on non-mobile devices
- A problem in Save/Load of .igui files
- And many other fixes…

1.3.8 (iGUI Basic 1.1.8)
added :
- added link.xml file and reconfigured to support micro mscorlib. *
- ignoreClicks added to iGUIImage.
- setAreaWidth and Height added to scroll view.
- added decimal and thousand separators to numberfield. *
- “remove panel” button added to tab panel, to enable easy removing of panels in editor.
- added setPositionAndSizeOnComplete option to PositionAndSizeAnimation.
- ignoreMouseOver added to all elements.
- ignoreScrollBar and dragDeadZone added to scrollView and listBox.

fixed :
- numberfield focus() problem on non-touch devices.
- fixed passive windows getting focus.
- positionAndSizeAnimation target rect fixed.

1.3.7 (iGUI Basic 1.1.7)
- Internal iTween class used by iGUI is renamed to iTweeniGUI to avoid iTween conflicts.
- Creating more than one smart objects with “Prefab” suffix problem fixed.

1.3.6 (iGUI Basic 1.1.6)
- “iGUI folder move and rename” feature available again for Windows users.
- Fixed autoPadding default value of panel and window

1.3.5 (iGUI Basic 1.1.5)
- Highly critical fix for Windows users (Now “iGUI Folder move and rename” feature disabled for Windows users)

1.3.4 (iGUI Basic 1.1.4)
- Problem with dropdown field on mobile devices fixed.
- Added Unity 3.4 backward compatibility.

1.3.2 (iGUI Basic 1.1.2)
Added Features :
- Now you can move or rename iGUI folder (But always put back iGUI folder to it’s original position with it’s original name “iGUI” before updating)
- Added isActive property to iGUILoadingHelper
- Added autoMode property to iGUISlidePanel to enable auto controlled (restricted to skip only one panel at each swipe) slide panels
- Added Unity 3.4 backward compatibility (untested)

Fixed :
- Fixed missing click event firing of buttons in low frame-rate scenes on mobile devices
- Fixed issues with iGUILoadingHelper, indicator or progress only
- Fixed faulty widths of list elements in drop down list which cause horizontal scrolls appear in retina skin
- Fixed vertical progress bar persistence problem

1.3.0 (iGUI Basic 1.1.0)
Added Features:
- Added dpiScale to iGUIRoot to enable scaling GUI easily
- Added ScreenScaleRules property to iGUIRoot to enable user to set dpiScale based on rules
- Added iGUILoadingHelper class to enable easily show loading indicators with a single line of code
- Added loadLevel method to iGUIRoot to enable loading scenes with loading indicator easily with a single line of code
- Added colorAnimationTarget to colorTo method to enable animating only label or background
- Added shadow to iGUILabel
- Added autoPadding property to window and panel to enable control over padding property when skin changing
- Added ignoreInput property to iGUIRoot
- Added setValueSilent method to integer sliders to enable setting value without triggering value change event
- Added isVertical property to iGUIProgressBar

Fixed :
- ProgressBar min max value problem
- Sometimes click event not triggering in mobile devices
- Faulty setValue method in integer sliders
- Faulty itemsEnabled in checkboxGroup
- Faulty removeElement method with ignoreDisabledElements
- Faulty setEnabled method in iGUIRoot
- Adding animations with addAction
- Dynamic font warnings in iGUILoadingIndicator
- Some problems in iGUITextureAnimation
- Missing inertia of scrollers on Android devices
- Unable to capitalize mobile keyboard of iOS devices on passwordField
- A memory leak in iGUIGradient

1.2.8 (iGUI Basic 1.0.5)

- Added bringToFrontLate and bringToBackLate methods to window
- Added deactivateOthers property to drop down list to enable automatic deactivating other drop down lists when one enabled
- Added listActivate and listDeactivate events to drop down list
- Added toPosition methods to animate elements more optimized without changing their size.

- Faulty iGUIRoot.depth when there is no window or textfield in the scene
- Multi windows in multi root setups
- Faulty drop down lists in multi root setups
- Multi root timing problems
- Faulty firing click event of button and image when scrolling in a list
- Several multi-root problems

1.2.7 (iGUI Basic 1.0.4)

- Added hideScrollbars property to DropDown, ScrollView and ListBox
- Added isLocked property to ScrollView
- Added depth property to Root to fix flickering in multiple roots
- Added forceSelectionInSingleSelect property to CheckboxGroup to allow unselect in single-select mode

- Changed default value of iGUIImage.consumeClicks to false
- Fixed getting highlighted text problem in readonly fields
- Fixed faulty click event ordering in images and buttons
- Fixed checkboxes ignoring passiveness of its container
- Punch ease type mapped to easeInOutElastic to avoid exceptions
- Fixed checkbox group values list to match options list in editor
- Fixed float sliders ignoring to set value from code
- Fixed custom containers drawing items twice
- Fixed non-clickable checkbox group when size is too small

1.2.6 (iGUI Basic 1.0.3)

- consumeClicks property added to iGUIImage.

- Fixed textfields focus problems from outside of iGUI events.

1.2.5 (iGUI Basic 1.0.2)

- Fixed textfields can’t have focus right after enabling
- Fixed dropdown list doesn’t get focus automatically when the list is activated

1.2.4 (iGUI Basic 1.0.1)

- Added support for multiple roots in a single scene
- Added isFixed property to slide panel to allow fix/release panel movement
- Added selectOption and deselectOption methods to checkbox group
- Added lastSelectedIndex property to get the last selected option in checkbox group
- Added support for injecting mouse position manually
- Added isModal property to window

- Faulty setValue method in int-sliders fixed
- Non-reliable selectedIndexes field for checkbox group fixed
- Multiple textfields in a scene in iOS problem fixed
- Sometimes missing triggering of focus event in textfields fixed
- Added support for highlighting read-only text fields
- Faulty click and double click events in image fixed
- Drop down list is now modal for tooltips

1.2.2 (iGUI Basic 1.0.0)

- Collapse height property to label
- Order property added to all elements, to allow developers order items easily to all elements.
- Readonly allItems property added to all elements.
- customTipCallback delegate added to sliders to customize the displayed tip.
- DragStart, DragEnd events and changeValueOnDragEnd option added to sliders and switch.
- Added detailed customization options for tab buttons position and size to tab panel.

- Faulty mouseOver event triggering in scrollable and window containers.
- Fixed missing initialization of disabled elements when ignoreDisabledElements selected.
- Harmless missing parser warnings when loading an .igui file.

Older Releases


- Smart object prefab generation problem if no root added to scene fixed.
- Harmless annoying warnings when a smart object prefab is generated.
- ScrollView and Listboxes in Windows interaction fixed



New Features :

- Added reusable smart objects. You can generate a smart object by right clicking to the element or continer component from the inspector.

- Event delegate callbacks are added as an alternative method of binding methods to events easily at runtime.

- Save/Load format changed from binary to json. Also backward compatibility provided. If you had any problems with backward compatibility please contact us.

- Added new skin Glow.

- Added new element, iGUIKnob.

- Added texture animation feature to easily animate any texture.

- Added support for adding custom mouse cursor.

- Added static alert method to iGUIRoot. Now you can pop alerts from anywhere with just a single line of code.

- Added click events and hover image to iGUIImage.

- Added aspect ratio and aspect ratio strategy to all elements.

- Now you can apply a new skin to existing elements from toolbox.

- Added dynamic skin switching at runtime.

- Allow manual binding of code files to root.

- Button alignment options added to TabPanel.

- DoubleClick, MouseUp and MouseDown events are added to button.

- Now if a child of a tab panel is passive, then it’s corresponding tab button is also passive.

- Added clickUp and clickDown events to button.

- Added moveTo method for animating elements by code.

- iTween updated to 2.0.45

- Added ListBox container which is a scrollView automatically resizes it’s usable area according to its children.

- getHighlightedText method added to textfields and iGUIRoot.

- scrollTo methods added to scrollView.

- New inspectors added for tab and slide panels. Bow you can easily add new panels by just clicking “Add new panel” button at the inspector.

- Added iGUICustomContainer to enable writing custom containers.

- Added ignoreDisabledElements property to containers.

- Added tooltip render strategy to choose between label or window.

- Added OnResolutionChanged event to iGUIRoot.

- Added mouseOverElement to iGUIRoot to get the element which mouse is over.

- Added selectedItem and selectedItems properties to iGUICheckboxGroup.

- Added addOption method with value as parameter.

- iGUIRoot.tooltip made public to allow users manually inject tooltip.

- Added prepareTooltip and drawTooltip methods to pop custom tooltips easily.

Fixed Issues :

- Fixed some problems with drop down list.

- Fixed some problems with iGUICode file naming, when project name has punctuators.

- Fixed a problem in “Apply new variable name”. Now it searches for the whole word.

- Fixed a bug which prevents from changing tooltip style without restarting unity.

- Fixed missing event triggering when setEnabled after setting enabled manually.

- Fixed tooltips and slider tips gets clipped at the edge of screen.



Attention : Please take a backup of your entire project folder before installing this update.

Added features :
-Fixed slide panel positioning problem


Added features :
-Added setValue() method to textfield, textarea, passwordfield, numberfield to allow setting value with triggering value change event.
-Added “Restrict Value” option to sliders to allow more control over slider’s value

Fixed :
-Fixed a bug in addOption() method of drop down list.
-Added validation for slide panel’s active panel property.


Attention : Please take a backup of your entire project folder before installing this update.

Fixed :
-Fixed tooltip problems with textfields


Fixed :
-Fixed unresponsiveness problem when mobile keyboard optimization enabled in iOS4 devices.
-Fixed tooltip problems when using window
-beforeDraw() is now virtual
-MouseOver check is moved to beforeDraw()


Fixed :
-Fixed textfield problem in Android devices.


Added features:
-Added gradient feature as a bonus element.
-Added keyboard optimization option for mobile devices.
-Tooltips can be added to images from label like other elements.
-Dynamic font size feature is added for non-mobile platforms. It can be enabled from root and can be modified on each element.
-Added box to panel types.
-Some minor changes in built in textfield style.
-Options are changed from string to GUIContent in checkbox group to allow adding separate tooltips to each option.
-Box style changed.

Fixed bugs:
-Fixed problem when more than one custom elements are added to the project.
-Fixed firing click event when scrolling in mobile devices.
-Fixed scroll fault when many items added to scrollview in mobile devices.
-Fixed activating textfields when scrolling in mobile devices.
-Fixed multiline input problem in textfield.


Attention : Please take a backup of your entire project folder before installing this update. All assets(except 2 two loading images) in the iGUI/Resources folder will move to iGUI/Files folder automatically when you install the update and open iGUI toolbox window.

Added features:
-Build size optimization.
-setActivePanel() method added to slide panel.

Fixed bugs:
-Fixed a critical runtime performance hit.
-Fixed memory leak warning occurs when a slide panel is on the scene.
-Fixed dynamic font warning occurs when a Countdown element is on the scene in mobile build target.
-Fixed missing forward button font.
-Better compression in clock and gauge.

Added features:
-Added 2 new layout types VerticalDenseFromBottom and HorizontalDenseFromRight.
-Added reverse ordering of items option to containers.
-Added DropDownList popup direction option.
-Added minimum movement threshold in editor to prevent elements automatically move and snap, even if you click to select.
-Added version info tooltip to the iGUI logo at the toolbox.

Fixed bugs:
-Editor performances improved hugely, especially with nested containers.
-Fixed the problem in adding elements directly to root in code.
-Fixed the ViolationException bug when using generic addElement method in web player.
-Fixed elements stick to mouse problem when double clicking an element to edit an event.
-Fixed save/load suggested save path which has Asset/ prefix previously.


Added features :
-[BETA] Save / Load feature added. Now you can pack your GUI to a tiny small package and load in another project.
-[BETA] Added appending option when loading a saved GUI file over an existing GUI. This enables developer to create reusable GUI blocks and appending them to a common project.
-Hover style in iGUILabel is now optional.
-Added a virtual afterDraw() method to elements.
-isMouseOver property added to elements, to allow retrieving info about whether the mouse is over the element or not.
-Added setValue() method to sliders, to enable changing the value of slider along with triggering valueChange event.
-Added scrollbars to iGUI Toolbox.
-Code clean-up and root reset buttons minimized.
-Fixed broken background color effect in some elements.

Fixed bugs:
-Fixed, not triggering Enable/Disable events when using setEnabled() method.
-Fixed disappearing window problem in scene changes.
-Fixed non-persistent button and checkboxGroup style problem when using a non-default type.
-Fixed an edit mode bug which causes iGUI to buffer every event when inactive and execute all of them consecutively.


Added Features:
-A full featured Color Picker has been added to iGUI elements.
-A Number Field has been added to allow input of integer or float numbers.
-Added inline documentation xml to allow developers easily read method and field explanations while coding.
-iGUICustomElement class has been added that allows developers create their custom components.
-iGUICustomFormElement class has been added that allows developers create their custom form components with built in label field.
-userData field has been added that allows attaching custom data to elements.
-Added read-only option to form elements.
-Added focus, blur, enterKey events and unFocus() method to TextField, TextArea, PasswordField.
-Added a separate hover style for label element.
-Added “apply new variableName” option to context menu of element inspector to allow developers easily apply variableName changes to iGUICode file.
-Added singleton-like static instance access to iGUICode file, that allows developers reach iGUI elements easily.
-Added “iGUI Root reset” button to toolbox, to use when some problem about root occurs.
-Added slideSpeed property to SlidePanel, that allows developers easily fine tune sliding speed.
-Added brakeSpeed property to scrollView.
-Added margin property to all elements.
-Added addElement() method with string type parameter to containers, that allow javascript users easily add elements at runtime.
-Added removeAll() method to Containers.
-Added addAction() and removeAction() methods to all elements. These methods can also be used to add enable and disable animations at runtime.
-Added removeAll() method to CheckboxGroup and DropDownList.
-Color property has been separated into two components “background color” and “label color”. Also the inheritance of color to child elements has been removed to allow more flexibility.

Fixed Bugs:
-Fixed dropdown options list which was sometimes going behind the window.
-Fixed positioning problems of checkbox in window or scrollView
-Fixed context menu position problems on multi-monitor setups
-ScrollView speed damping was too low. That’s been fixed and added a customizable brakeSpeed property
-Fixed loosing image reference when switching from normal to retina or vice versa.


Added features:
-Added hasFocus() method to textfield,textarea and password field

-Fixed drawing of elements in scrollView.
-Fixed a bug which prevents appearing tooltip when there is a textfield or window in the scene.


Added features:
-Several encapsulation changes.
-isAreaRelative split into isAreaWidthRelative and isAreaHeightRelative in scrollView.

-Fixed execution order of init event.

Added features:
-Added focus() method to textfield, textarea and password field.
-Added setLayout() method to checkboxGroup.

-Fixed init event on root.
-More reliable code path management.

Added features:
-Several encapsulation modifications.
-triggerEvent() method added for triggering events and actions manually in code.

-Fixed a major bug that prevents standalone builds.

Added features:
-ListItem added to buttontypes for a list like looking button.
-ButtonSmallSilver added to buttontypes.
-Added removeElement() method to Window, ScrollView, Panel and Container.
-Added newPanel() and removePanel() method to SlidePanel and TabPanel.
-Added setType() method to CheckboxGroup and Button.
-Added setLabelWidth() method to form elements.
-Added addOption() and removeOption method to CheckboxGroup and DropDownList.

-Fixed a bug when modifying a button in the window.
-Fixed a bug when using iGUI in a scene with a space in its name.
-Fixed a bug of keyboard orientation doesn’t match the screen orientation.

Added features:
-iGUICode file name changed to iGUICode_sceneName . This enables users to have seperate iGUICode files for each scene.
-Added addOption, insertOption and removeOption methods to Checkbox and DropDownList elements to easily manage options in runtime.
-Added newPanel method to TabPanel and SlidePanel to easily add new panels.
-Added addImage method to SlideShow element.

-Fixed a major bug which occurs when using multiple windows on the scene

Added features:
-Added layer property and setLayer() method to all elements and containers. That will make changing the draw order of the items easier. Note that layer is not global through all the scene. It indicates the draw order of the items which are contained in the same container (same hierarchy level).
-Added “iGUICode clean up” button to settings panel.
-Added “None” option to Animation menu to easily clean up animation lists.
-Added autoRefreshOnResolutionChange property to iGUIRoot to allow auto resizing in resolution changes on runtime.

-Fixed a bug which occurs when firing enable/disable events and actions.

Added features:
-Sound Volume Action enhanced to be compatible with all elements
-Button isRepeat option added for repeatedly triggering click event while the button is down
-setValue method added to switch element to let developer to change the switch’s value in code

-Fixed a bug which occurs when an event’s return type is IEnumerator