Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

All questions and answers covers both iGUI and iGUI Basic, unless otherwise stated.

  • Are there any upgrade path from iGUI Basic to iGUI?
    Yes. You can upgrade your basic license to full from our store.
  • Which platforms does iGUI support?
    iGUI runs on Web player, PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android on both Unity3 and Unity4.
  • What about touch interaction?
    iGUI behaves naturally in all touch devices except a few touch devices which have Windows 7 as operating system.
  • Will iGUI run on Unity3D free version?
    Yes iGUI will run both on free and pro versions.
  • Can i upgrade an existing iGUI Basic project to iGUI?
    Yes. But before importing iGUI full package first close iGUI Toolbox tab, and then please rename iGUI/Files folder to iGUI/Resources. Now the upgrade will work easily.
  • Can i exchange my saved .igui files between iGUI Basic and iGUI?
    Yes. But of course if there aren’t any iGUI specific elements like knob for example.
  • If i buy iGUI now, will i have access to new versions of iGUI?
    Yes sure. You’ll get free access to all new versions of iGUI.
  • What about the performance of iGUI?
    Since iGUI is OnGUI based, it won’t have the best performance but we’ve optimized it as possible as we can. In terms of memory management and cpu usage iGUI is very frugal.
  • Can i use my existing GUISkin with iGUI ?
    Sure. iGUI is compatible with all Unity GUISkins.
  • Sometimes i’m getting OS Error code: -8796 error. What is the problem?
    This problem is not related to iGUI, this is a bug of Unity editor when running on Mac. The cause of the problem is font conflicts and can be resolved by following this topic.
  • How easy to develop user interfaces using iGUI?
    Extremely easy.
  • Does iGUI have its own file format?
    Yes you can use iGUI file format to save/load GUIs across projects.
  • Can i write my own GUI elements to extend iGUI?
    Yes. There are two classes that you can extend: iGUICustomElement and iGUICustomFormElement. This feature is not available in iGUI Basic.
  • Which scripting languages does iGUI support?
    You can code in both C# and Javascript.
  • I’m getting “iGUIError 0001 : codeType is null” error randomly. What is the problem?
    This error generally occurs if you modify any script in the project when scene is playing. This is harmless. All you have to do is to stop and play again. To avoid this error, you can stop the scene before modifying scripts.
  • My gui is unresponsive on iOS 4 .
    Please disable “Mobile Keyboard Optimization” from root to avoid this problem.
  • I use iTween in my projects and it conflicts with the one embedded in iGUI.dll.
    To use iTween in your projects, just delete the iTween file in your project and use the one which is embedded into iGUI. Also have to add a using iGUI; line  at the beginning of your scripts where you’ll use iTween. As of 1.3.7 internal iTween is renamed to iTweeniGUI.
  • When i’m testing my application on a mobile device, tapping a textfield doesn’t make the keyboard appear and an exception is logged to the ExecutionEngineException. How can i get rid of it?
    Switch to “.Net 2.0 Subset” in “Unity Player Settings -> API Compatibility Level” .
  • How can i build my app with build size stripping in Unity Pro?
    As of 1.3.8 we added link.xml file to package. Before building with a stripping level, just move that link.xml to /Assets folder of your project.