5.3 – Button

On Click
On Click property is an Action List which triggered when clicking the button.

Is Repeat
Is Repeat property is used to determine whether click event will be triggered repeatedly during the button is down.

Type property only effects the visual appearance of the button. As of version 1.06 there are fourteen types of button in iGUI.

  • Button
  • ButtonBigBlack
  • ButtonBigGreen
  • ButtonBigRed
  • ButtonBigSilver
  • ButtonBigYellow
  • ButtonSmallBlack
  • ButtonSmallBlue
  • ButtonSmallLightBlue
  • ButtonSmallRed
  • ButtonSmallSilver
  • ButtonSmallForward
  • ButtonSmallBack
  • ListItem

Style property is a GUIStyle and can be used to fine tune the visual appearance of the button. This property is copied from the GUI skin stored in the root when a button is created or the type changed.