5.14 – Slide Show

On Complete
On Complete property is an Action List which is triggered when all images in slide show are shown and slideshow is not in loop mode.

Images property is a Texture2D array. The correct procedure of adding an image is just dropping the image to Images list without resizing the Images list first.

Labels property is an array of GUIContent and is used as the labels for the corresponding images.

Sizes property is an array of Vector2. We do not recommend you to resize images list size manually. That will cause confusion in sizes of the images. When you add a new image to images list, its original size is added to sizes list automatically. But If you want to change size of an image, you can change it from sizes list.

Scale Modes
Scale Modes property is an array of iGUIImageScaleMode. There are four scale modes. Original Size, Scale And Fit, Scale And Crop and Stretch To Fill If an image’s scale mode is Original Size, then it’s displayed exactly with the corresponding size in the sizes list without any scaling. If image’s scale mode is Scale And Fit or Scale And Crop, then its size is scaled by preserving aspect ratio. When image’s scale mode is Stretch To Fill, image is strecthed to fill the complete area of slide show.

Image Duration
Image Duration is used to determine the duration between the image completes fading in and starts to fade out in seconds.

Image Fade In Time
Image Fade In Time property is used to determine the duration of fade in.

Image Fade Out Time
Image Fade Out Time property is used to determine the duration of fade out.

Image Between Time
Image Between Time property stands for the time between the end of the last image’s fadeout animation and the start of the next image’s fade in animation. By giving negative values to Image Between Time property, you can have a crossfade effect.

Loop property is used to determine whether slideshow will be looped or not.

Shuffle property is used to determine whether the order of images in the slideshow will be randomized in each loop or not.