3.1 – Variable Name

An item’s Variable Name is the name of the variable representing the item in the event code file (iGUICode). Also Variable Name is used as the prefix of the item’s event method names which have the naming convention of variableName_EventName. You can change Variable Name manually. But after changing variableName, please right click to the element component on the inspector and select “Apply new variableName”. This will reflect the changes to the code file. Also be careful about duplicated variableNames across the scene. If more than one item in the scene share the same Variable Name, they will call the same event methods and only one of the items will be accessible with the corresponding Variable Name in the iGUICode file. Also be careful when duplicating iGUI items. Duplicated items will have the same Variable Name. Any time you want iGUI to generate a unique Variable Name all you have to do is just to delete the Variable Name in the inspector.